What the rampant, often celebrated vandalism of Bird scooters says LA and tech

No one likes change, especially when it arrives by electric scooter. Bird scooters have become the symbol of tech companies’ arrival to the Southern California coastline known as Silicon Beach and the targets of residents’ wrath. Scooters are increasingly winding up broken, in flames, buried in the ocean or otherwise defiled in myriad different ways,[…]

Developers behind Whistler Blackcomb test new resort concept

Blend micro-units with Airbnb and U.K.-based yuppie hotel chain, Yotel, and the result would be Replay Resorts’ new ski resort, YotelPAD. The 144-unit condo building in Park City, Utah will function like a hotel with amenities including living room-like lounges, mini-movie theaters and fully-stocked gyms. But owners can opt to have their “pads” rented out[…]

Ashkenazy gets go-ahead to jack up rent at Barneys’ Madison Avenue flagship

A city arbitrator has ended the lengthy rent dispute between Barneys and Ashkenazy Acquisition, declaring the retailer’s new annual bill to be $30 million. The new rent represents double Barneys current rent and, with property taxes factored in, the figure is actually much higher, coming to an estimated total of $44 million per year, as[…]

Why there’s growing interest in buying million-dollar ghost towns

Though John Voight lives alone on his sprawling 225-acre property, he’s part of a group of hundreds of Americans who’ve bought ghost towns. Churches and corporations are among other interested buyers with companies often buying the properties as a marketing strategy, while individuals often buy their vast empires of solitude to preserve history or launch[…]

RioCan REIT expects a “gold rush” once Canada legalizes pot this fall

RioCan REIT is expecting a ganja “gold rush” to hit Canada’s retail markets in a matter of weeks. The rosy outlook comes after Ontario’s premier Doug Ford said he was considering changing the province’s approach to distributing marijuana. The previous liberal government announced storefronts selling pot would be managed by government entities just as alcohol[…]

Engel & Völkers contractor tried to talk her way out of DUI by saying she was a “clean, thoroughbred, white girl”

When South Carolina-based Engel & Völkers contractor was pulled over after running through a stop sign at 60 miles per hour, she offered police a string of offensive excuses. In police footage broadcast by CBS, Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw can be heard pleading with officers not to send her to jail from the backseat of the[…]