Diane Kruger drops $4M on eco-chic Tribeca spread

From LLNYC: Actress Diane Kruger, who recently received the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival for her performance in the German movie “In the Fade,” is one of Tribeca’s newest residents. Kruger — through a trust — dropped $4.2 million on an eco-conscious pad on White Street, reports Women’s Wear Daily. She got the two bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom apartment[…]

“Friends” star Matthew Perry is calling 30 Park Place home

From LLNYC: “Friends” star Matthew Perry made his name playing Chandler Bing: neighbor of Monica and Rachel, and denizen of Greenwich Village. But in reality, it seems that the actor prefers far fancier digs. The TV star currently resides at Larry Silverstein’s 30 Park Place, aka the Four Seasons Private Residences in Tribeca, sources tell LLNYC. And while we couldn’t confirm[…]

The Big Open House: Inside the Shephard, a condo conversion that reflects a neighborhood’s history

From LLNYC: In Manhattan, the life span of a industrial building goes something like this: factory, rental apartments, condos. Sometimes there is a co-op stage in between. The Shephard, a collection of 39 luxury condos at 275 West 10th Street is a microcosm of that story. In the 1970s, 275 West 10th Street was transformed from a[…]