Manhattan’s top agents

New York’s residential market was something of a puzzle in 2017 — with exuberant buyers dropping eight-figure sums at 432 Park Avenue one minute, and price-conscious shoppers sitting on the sidelines the next. But inevitably, brokers who found ways to fit buyers and sellers together got deals done and rose to the top of the[…]

These are the top commercial sale brokerages across the country

Sales of retail properties may be down compared to last year, but executives at the country’s top brokerages remained characteristically upbeat, confident that opportunities are out there for the right types of properties — and for brokers with the right kinds of talent. “Knowledge about tenants, centers, trade area and industry makes a difference,” said[…]

Martha Stewart is being considered for a presidential pardon. Here’s what she’s been up to with her business

From the archives: Martha Stewart, 74, stands over the conference table in her light-filled corner office, primping a shallow bowl of pale, nearly stemless blossoms. “I can’t stand flower arrangements like this,” she says. “It is just such a waste of flowers.” I couldn’t identify the flowers and they looked rather stylish to my untrained[…]