Status update: HUD accuses Facebook of discriminatory housing ads

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is taking aim at Facebook, claiming the social networking website enables landlords and homeowners to discriminate against users. HUD filed a complaint against Facebook on Friday, alleging that the social platform’s housing ads violate the Fair Housing Act. A major selling point of Facebook’s ads has been[…]

Take me to the ball game: Elon Musk wants to build Loop system to Dodger Stadium

Between online feuds with rappers and heroic cave divers — and potentially illegal tweets about taking Tesla private — Elon Musk hasn’t exactly been batting .1000 lately. His Boring Company is stepping up to the plate however, revealing big plans on Wednesday to build a Loop rapid transit system between Dodger Stadium and Metro Red[…]

Federal agencies undertake largest mortgage fraud investigation since the Recession

Federal officials are in the middle of one of the largest investigations into mortgage fraud since the financial crisis. Investigators are looking into alleged fraud committed by a New York commercial investment company Morgan Management LLC, now named Grand Atlas Property Management. They are looking into whether or not income statements on its properties were[…]

Wells Fargo under investigation for its alleged role in low-income housing tax credit fraud

Wells Fargo is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice for allegedly colluding with affordable housing developers nationwide to drive down the prices of low-income tax credits – potentially defrauding hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal program. Among the banks, Wells Fargo is the largest buyer of the tax credits. The San[…]

Like a “kid in a candy store”: JLL’s digital chief on proptech’s potential

Between virtual reality and 3D-printed buildings, commercial real estate firms are increasingly showing off flashy new instruments they say will upend the industry. But more than any single gadget, JLL’s Vinay Goel says he wants to bring an information revolution to the real estate world. “We’re talking about how to build an employee experience where[…]