About Us



The principal activity of Merabi Organization Group, LLC is to acquire, invest, develop or redevelop properties, and manage its own class A luxury rental buildings ranging from commercial office, shopping centers, malls, and residential building providing an excellent service, and unmatched ammonites to its tenants.

Once the Merabi Organization Group, LLC development team completes a development project, The Merabi Organization Group Inc. property management team steps in and assumes the ongoing responsibilities for its operations.

We currently self-manage all our residential, mixed-use, retail and commercial office properties. In our residential division as a leader in the real estate industry throughout many business cycles, Merabi Organization Group has significant experience in reviewing and evaluating all our Commercial real estate investments, and repositioning, remarketing and redesigning our CRE buildings to maximize revenue.

Merabi Organization Group is, a private real estate company with roots in a family firm founded over 270 years ago. Merabi Organization Group is recognized as one of the world’s leading owners, Developers and operators of first-class rental real estate. The company’s 39-years track record in New York of consistently delivering exceptional service to its tenants has puts Merabi Organization Group at the forefront of the global real estate industry. MOG is widely recognized as one of the most innovative and prolific developers in the U.S., MOG is dedicated to the highest standards of art, architecture, interior and landscape design. To ensure our vision is realized, MOG offers in-house expertise that spans every aspect of the real estate equation from identifying and assembling sites to zoning, architecture and design, we manage our construction, we do our leasing and our marketing. For the last two decades, we have placed design at the center of the brand working with world class architects, and interior designers. Merabi Organization Group’s fine reputation as one of the world’s foremost developers and purchasers of commercial properties is well deserved. The company has developed or acquired great portfolio of buildings in major metropolitan areas in the United States, Europe and Latin America where LOCATION has been the main objective for the CEO.

Our ability to create value is largely attributable to our ability to identify opportunities where others see difficulties. As real estate operators with in-house specialists in every field of real estate, we are able to make the most of our asset, allowing us to outperform the markets where we invest. Merabi Organization Group ’s history of success has been the result of pioneering in new markets, undertaking bold initiatives and, most importantly, an unwavering commitment to excellence for our family and tenants. We are immensely proud that we have been able to develop strong, long-term, often global relationships with our tenants and other real estate owners which has added value to every asset, in every discipline, by every employee.