Come fly with me: Airports’ prized real estate revenues are struggling

Foot traffic does not translate to sales as global airports are proving. As the Financial Times reports, despite a more than 7 percent increase in the number of travelers flying worldwide, non-aeronautical revenue per person is down across Europe and plateauing in North America. Non-aeronautical revenue comes from services like car rentals, parking fees, shopping[…]

Homeowners near disputed Cali beach agree to give boat-only public access

From TRD Los Angeles: Beach access is coming under fire again and, this time, the waves of controversy caught coastal advocates off-guard. In the decades-long battle for public access to Hollister Ranch, a secluded 8.5 mile stretch of beaches near Santa Barbara, wealthy homeowners and, on the other side of the table, the California State[…]

The Philippines is starting over with a new $14B “pollution-free” city

Bidding has began for companies interested in conducting the design, building, financing, or operations of the Philippines’ new city. Known as New Clark City, the developers leading the project, BCDA Group and Surbana Jurong, plan to build most of the new eco-city’s infrastructure through private-public partnerships, according to Business Insiders. The next city is about[…]