Outer boroughs are focus of latest 421a talks

Expanding 421a eligibility to outer borough development is at the center of last-minute budget talks in Albany. Gov. Andrew Cuomo and representatives from the Real Estate Board of New York are hammering out changes to the governor’s proposal to reinitiate the abatement, now officially called “Affordable New York.” The tax break is tied to a[…]

ABC Carpet finds a home in Industry City

Luxury carpet and home goods store ABC Carpet & Home inked a deal for new warehouse digs in Industry City. The company signed a lease for 78,000 square feet on the first and fifth floors of Building 19, part of the 6 million-square-foot Brooklyn development led by Jamestown and Belvedere Capital. The building, at 168[…]

The Big Open House: Inside the Shephard, a condo conversion that reflects a neighborhood’s history

From LLNYC: In Manhattan, the life span of a industrial building goes something like this: factory, rental apartments, condos. Sometimes there is a co-op stage in between. The Shephard, a collection of 39 luxury condos at 275 West 10th Street is a microcosm of that story. In the 1970s, 275 West 10th Street was transformed from a[…]