This month in real estate history

From the February issue:  Office towers mushroomed in Midtown following the end of World War II, with 41 major buildings completed between 34th Street and 61st Street, the New York Times reported 60 years ago this month. It was 36 years ago this month that developer Donald Zucker announced plans to convert a vacant commercial[…]

Three of NYC’s oldest buildings will be demolished to make way for a 22-unit luxury condo and art gallery

Out with the old and in with the new. Three 200-year-old buildings on the Lower East Side will be demolished to make way for a new 22-unit luxury condominium development with an art gallery on Grand Street. The owner of the properties, Marc Straus, is developing the eight-story condo building designed by architectural firms Peterson[…]

Residents of BK Mitchell-Lama co-op vote against privatization

The shareholders at a Mitchell-Lama co-op building in Clinton Hill rejected a plan to privatize their property, passing up the opportunity to possibly sell their publicly-subsidized units for substantial profits. The residents at St. James Towers voted against leaving the affordable housing program last week, Brooklyn Paper reported. If they had chosen to privatize the[…]