MOG’s Thursday weekly meeting Overview

The MOG’s Thursday meetings are to share ideas to simplify investment in CRE, protect our assets, and improve the economic competitiveness of all our buildings in the communities in which they are located.
Mr. Merabi introduced these weekly meeting since October of 2015 to ensure that the commercial real estate industry’s issues are understood by his staff, colleagues, associates, and peers.

The minutes and full reports of Merabi Organization Group’s Thursday meetings are free and available to public. If you are interested to attend any of MOG’s Thursday’s meeting, in receiving a copy of any of the meeting’s report, or any other MOG’s report please contact Fidel in our LA offices at 818-817-0092, or email him at Fidel . To receive notifications of Mr. Merabi’s new posted reports, please subscribe to the RSS feed on our home page. We are also on the Facebook and the Twitter. Or go to register at MOG.

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