Our Thursday staff and colleagues meeting at Merabi Organization Group’s headquarters in Los Angeles

Our Thursday staff and colleagues meeting at Merabi Organization Group’s headquarters in Los Angeles the talk of Mr. Kambiz Merabi was about “Tec”.

Technology is changing the world and how businesses conduct transactions on a daily basis, and these changes could impact the commercial real estate industry over the next decade-plus said Mr. Merabi

Those changes may bring massive gains and losses for commercial real estate firms,. On top of the changing technological landscape, Mr. Merabi indicated to his colleagues that based on past real estate cycles, we should be preparing for a downturn in the future. “Real estate for the last 50 years, the past five decades, has had a predictable cycle,” .However my research team in our LA offices has furnished me with this report that I will share with you all “In each of those cycles in the last 50 years, the cycle has started on a three and ended on an eight.

Mr. Merabi asked his staff at the meeting, doesn’t that has implications?

2018 is in less than two year Mr. Merabi said to his staff!!!!!

We’re getting to that period where we have some peaking going on.” Mr. Merabi emphasized that a downturn doesn’t necessarily spell gloom and doom for everyone in the CRE industry, but that we need to adapt and change to survive a downturn and beyond. “We’re getting to a place where we have to be careful,” Mr. Merabi said. “That doesn’t mean we’re not going to be successful … but we have to make sure that we’re relevant and contemporary and have systems and processes in place to be successful … I don’t know when it will end. None of us do, but I do know that over the past 50 years, it has been predictable. We have to be careful in what we buy, how we manage our building, tenants we cater to, and we have to be careful in how we do it.”

Mr. Merabi’s Thursday’s presentation included over two dozen predictions that he and his team were working on that could impact CRE over the next two decades.

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